Spots, Dots & Chickenpox by AJ Wolski

Spots Dots and Chickenpox by AJ Wolski illustrated by Khayala Aliyeva

Are you aware that thousands of children every year report feelings that they don’t fit in or are not normal? This playful children's book uses fun rhymes, humorous animals, and human characters to highlight that our unique traits make us special.

Let's join a little ducky named Lucky on his exciting first day at school, as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Lucky's unusual looks catch his teacher's and classmates' attention, leaving everyone wondering if he has spots, dots, or chickenpox. Not sure about it himself, Lucky embarks on a quest for answers.This charming kids' story celebrates differences, kindness, and the importance of accepting oneself, all in a relatable and engaging manner.

• It motivates children to love their unique traits and appreciate the uniqueness in others.

• This uplifting tale is an ideal group-reading book for any setting.

• An excellent gift for kids aged 3 and up for any occasion.

Spots, Dots, and Chickenpox is for anyone who has ever felt different or worried about fitting in. It's perfect whether you're a parent hoping to boost your child's confidence, a teacher aiming to teach valuable life lessons or a child who loves funny animal rhymes. This book is for you!