Welcome to Xoviion by Johnny Neurvine

Welcome to Xoviion
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Johnny Neurvine's triumphant novel, Welcome to Xoviion, has something for everyone, and is now available in this 2019 release with graphic interpretations by Itinerbury. Be the first to experience it!

Why are doors unlocking for him? Who are these ethereal strangers who seem to want to help him? Is all really as it seems on Xoviion?

A normal life awaits Brad on the new planet: pay the rent and get a date. Oh yeah, and surf on waves in the air (without spiraling out of control to the ground), try to solve a puzzle (given to him by someone he can't remember), save the city (a mission given to him by someone he can't get a hold of) ... and laugh a lot. It's just like Earth, only with sporadic gravity. It's just like normal life, only it's Xoviion.

This is the cinematic reading quest of the year! Fans of Michael Vey, Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle, and The Paper Magician will love this book and be begging for Book 2. Buy this Deluxe Edition for yourself and your Middle Grade / YA reader!