Why BookBongo?

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Q. Do you have a minimum review requirement?

A. No. It sucks right? You have a book you want to gain exposure for, and then you need to have had exposure to advertise your book. No, we don’t have a minimum review requirement.

Q. Do you promote erotica?

A. If it is in really poor taste, no – otherwise, why not?

Q. Do you promote books that contain graphic violence?

A. Whether we like it or not, most of us thankfully don’t, violence is part of this world and books will reflect that. So yes.

Q. Do you promote books that contain profanity?

A. See above!

Q. Does my book need to be on special promotion?

A. Your book does not need to be free or discounted but it helps if it is. It might seem counter-intuitive to give away a book you have toiled over, but if you are new to the scene giving away your hard work can be the best way to gain an audience. Success doesn’t come instantaneously and your book won’t become a bestseller over night.

If your book is free or discounted, we can post the details of your promotion on facebook groups dedicated to spreading the word about books like yours. Followers to these sites amount to over 500,000 people and the numbers are continuously growing. Our two ebook promoters John Hughes @e2read and Michael Williams @ebook_crazy are well connected and respected members of several online book communities and know how, where and when to post your book to make it count. We also promote on twitter and other specialist book promotion websites.

Q. Where do your links point to?

A. On our website, links will go directly to the amazon store in the browser’s location. So a UK user will be shown the book on, and a US user on Our email promotions have links to the store where most of our subscribers are based.

Q. Why should I choose BookBongo?

A. We take some of the hard work out of book promoting, so authors can get on with writing. We are an ambitious team, and at the very least you will add to your online presence.


“THANK YOU SO MUCH for your recent Super Book Blast promo of “All in Vein.” You had the postings and tweets out there every day before 6:00 AM EST, which I really appreciated. “All in Vein” ranked consistently at #1 or #2 in all of its Amazon categories for the entire 3 days that it was a free download. I also want to thank you for being one of the few services that have repeatedly given my ebook a free promo in the past, and for keeping it permanently listed on your website.” Mary Kipps, author of All in Vein

“One of my first ports of call for simple, straightforward, costworthy book promotion. Keep up the good work.” Erik Empson, publisher @thebookfolks