Book Cover:

Boom Town by Kayleen West

They’re from two different worlds, miles apart. Their love could never work, especially not if her father has anything to say about it.

He’s a low class hood, a down and out bare knuckles fighter with a heart of gold, and more tattooed muscle than money. She finds him repugnant.

She’s a posh priss, living free and easy on daddy’s dime, wouldn’t know a mop if you snuck up and hit her with it. He finds her laughable.

Her father’s manipulations are what threw them together, but when these opposites start to attract, he’ll do everything in his power to keep them apart!

Two worlds collide in Boom Town, impacting with a love so intense it may destroy itself! Boom Town is a wild ride of sweet romance, humor, angst and heartache, with a guaranteed happy ever after!