MATAR A DAWOOD by Alfredo De Braganza

Book Cover: MATAR A DAWOOD by Alfredo De Braganza
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Electrifying novel about the biography of Dawood Ibrahim, at present considered the terrorist most wanted in the world and whose immense fortune has led him to being mentioned in the Forbes magazine.


With frenetic rhythm, the successive plots set in Bombay, London and Buenos Aires are interlacing to joining into a deifying and surprising end.

The author of KILLING DAWOOD narrates to us the past of the protagonist in India, how he committed his first murder being an adolescent , his hasty ascent in the organized crime, and how and why he was named  Indian´s most wanted ¨Don¨, as well his exile from Bombay to Dubai and hence to Lahore.

In London an Indian lawyer propose to him that, to be able to return to India and defend himself from the accusation of what happened in Bombay in 1993 (a series of 15 explosions that constituted the most destructive and more coordinated terrorist attack in the history of India), accepts to murder an Iranian diplomat in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, from the shade, each of the ringleaders of this «crime of the state» has different plans.  An official of the government of India just is concerned for capturing Dawood alive; a North American wants the information that he possesses about the Pakistani Secret Service, and an Argentine official just is concerned to murder the Iranian because he possesses compromising information for his government on the terrorist attack of 1994 on the Jewish center AMIA of Buenos Aires.

The writer grasps your attention due his aptitude to change the point of view of the history in the suitable moment, so that it leaves the reader with the desire of knowing not so much what it is going to happen but rather how the raised situations are going to be solved.

For all the lovers of the spies' genre it turns out to be exciting and difficult to leave it at a side.
After researching and investigating exhaustively, the author combines audaciously international politics, love and nationalism, and presents a gallery of rounded and convincing characters in miscellany of reality and fiction as the most pure style of Frederick Forsyth.