A Child Made To Order by Piotr Ryczko

Book Cover: A Child Made To Order by Piotr Ryczko
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A finely-crafted psychological suspense thriller set in Norway’s capital city, Oslo, that will appeal to fans of Stieg Larsson.

When investigative journalist Viola Voss sets out to find a women’s fertility rights campaigner who has gone missing, she has no idea what to expect. But, presented with the chance to realize her dream of becoming a mother, will she put aside her professional judgment and take a risk? A gripping emotionally-charged psychological suspense full of action, adventure, and excitement.

The issue of genetic manipulation of human embryos, of children literally made to order, is increasingly becoming one of the most important ethical and medical issues of our time. With delicacy, and emotional sensitivity, the author makes you think about the matter like you never have before, in a novel where the tension increases on every page, and ends with a stunning climax.