Book Cover:

The Man He Used to Be by Sean Krick

Innovation comes at a cost...

Ryan Clements leads a groundbreaking new product that could cement the Nebula Corporation as the world’s most valuable company. But to enter the final stages of testing, he needs to do the impossible -- find a clean test subject in the technological wasteland of Las Vegas. When the Nebula board threatens to shutter the project, Clements gets desperate. In a last-ditch effort to salvage his life’s work, he finds one curious man with no connections to modern society.

His name is Raj and he lives in the sewers beneath Tropicana Boulevard. His only hope of a better life lies in the hands of a seedy drug lord who once ran Vegas from the shadows. To the rest of the city, Raj is invisible.

But that’s about to change.

When Clements’ attempts to acquire his perfect test subject turn deadly, Raj is forced to flee the comfort of the Vegas underground and face the people and technology he’s evaded for his whole life. He'll need to find allies in a city that has all but forgotten him before he becomes another failed experiment.

Filled with political intrigue, strained ethics, and a city crumbling under the weight of its elite, The Man He Used to Be follows Raj and a group of characters spread across the socioeconomic spectrum as they fight to preserve an entire class of citizens threatened by Nebula’s illicit technology.