An Officer’s Lady by Marie Alexander

Book Cover: An Officer's Lady by Marie Alexander

Eve was a handful.

She had a temper that could spook a cavalry horse, and she had never been tamed.

Until her father's marriage brought a new stepmother and her son into the house. Theo wouldn’t be around for long. Officers in Her Majesties Navy rarely were. They came and went with the trade winds. One month. That’s all they have.

A man of discipline and order, Theo knows how to battle insubordination on board a sailing vessel. But Eve? Her defiance brings her to the brink of mutiny, and he finds himself on the ledge between brute and gentleman. Her ferocity calls to inner beast, but to hell with her unholy fits.

Eve also balance on a ledge – somewhere between childhood tantrums and womanhood. A father who treats her like a sheltered child, and a new man in her life who pushes her to be a special brand of lady. The kid gloves and sewing clubs of genteel society have never appealed to her rebellious streak, but what Theo desires in a lady? That she is irresistibly drawn to.

Is it the heavy hand or the gentle touch which draws in An Officer’s Lady?

Who will tame whom in this Victorian Era battle of the wills?