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Wisdom for My Son and Daughter by Jonny Oates

Wisdom for My Son and Daughter started as a small ‘life guide’, fuelled by the author’s inspiration to write down what he had learned in life – his wisdom – so that it could be more easily passed on to his children (and in time to their children). He hoped it would help them navigate the complexities of life a little more skillfully. But what started as an idea to help his own children evolved into a life guide for anyone interested in living a better life. The book discusses many of the flaws and limitations that are part and parcel of being emotional beings. It draws on the author's own life struggles and a broad knowledge base to give easily understandable analogies. It is more than just a book; it is a roadmap for life. The author is to the point and covers a diverse set of modern-day issues in a warm, conversational style. A perfect little gift for yourself or someone you know. It's not just young adults that will reap invaluable insights from this book, but any individual looking for greater clarity about life and how to live it.