Bride on the Run by Milan Watson

Book Cover: Bride on the Run by Milan Watson
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Sarah Rothman has been leading the life of a southern debutante, until her perfect world came crashing down. Running from her wedding along with her parents’ expectations she finds herself in Maine. Sarah starts working at Oak Cottages, earning her own money for the first time in her life vowing not be distracted by anyone or anything, until she meets Caleb Sullivan.
Caleb Sullivan, renowned writer and playboy is a frequent guest at Oak Cottages, which to him is his writing haven. When he meets Sarah he vows to disregard the attraction he feels for her and to focus on his latest bestseller. Still overcoming the pain from losing his fiancée, he tries to lose himself in his writing to ignore the sparks that fly whenever Sarah is near.
But when Sarah’s life is threatened, both Caleb and Sarah are forced to acknowledge the feelings they have for each other. Will Sarah learn to trust again?