Book Cover:

FOR THE LOVE OF HARRY by Belinda English

Kim has jaw dropping looks, she’s smart, and she’s loyal to her incarcerated gangster husband, Harry. Combined, these attributes make the woman a force to be reckoned with.
She’ll stop at nothing to free her husband and have him back home with her, in their bed. So when their legal team are getting nowhere Kim takes matters into her own hands.
Harry has granted his wife special permission to enjoy herself while he’s in prison provided he knows all the details but there are rules, strict rules, nobody ever crosses the line with Harry, he’s too dangerous to play with.
So when his precious wife does just that how will he react? Will Kim survive to tell the tale? Will she have the opportunity to let him know exactly what she has done to ensure his release? Will he ever see with his own eyes what his wife will do especially for him.