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CATONINERS by Veronica Miller

Scarlett Pearce was a natural Submissive and was in a prowl for a willing Dom. She knew that there were a few places in California that she could go to, but decided against it and settled for the easiest route – the internet. She convinced herself that if things didn’t turn out the way she wanted, she would just charge it to experience and move on to different channels, but then, an email came and right there and then, she knew the search was over.

Lucas Bradley-Powell only played by two rules; don’t fuck your clients and never fall in love with them. He did a great job for years and managed to keep it in his pants – that is, until a new profile popped up and sent his policy-abiding cock into a lust induced frenzy.

Broken rules brought them together; will Luke and Scarlet let a few more tear them apart?