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Unleash Joy: 30 Days to Clarity, Peace, and Long-Awaited Happiness by Janeen R. Brown

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and agitated all the time? Discover a brand-new way to cultivate relaxation, find peace, and feel happy every day of your life.

Transformational women's coach Janeen Brown shows you 10 essential habits, 10 mindset changes to consider, and 10 mindfulness practices, all designed to bring about well-being and Unleash your Joy. With the exercises included in the book and workbook, you'll practice those important daily habits to create lasting change. Practice with a mindfulness teacher who's own life has been enhanced and made anew with these very same practices.

The companion workbook includes more than 30 new exercises to accompany the original book, transformational questions and gorgeous adult coloring and nature-inspired mandalas.

"This book resonated with me from the very first chapter." Mary blowers, author, and publisher

"As a new mom and emerging entrepreneur, Unleash Joy was a welcome breath of fresh air during what is a very hectic, challenging, and emotional time for me." Victoria Hefty - Author of The Insider's Guide to Maternity Leave

"Empowerment is uplifting! I truly enjoyed this book and I love the workbook that accompanies it as a way for you to reach your inner self, get in touch with your goals and ambitions while knowing that you are special and beautiful, and when you Unleash Joy: All your dreams come true!" J. Alana Giresi - Author, Potholes, Billy's Cascade and The Turn of the Dime