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Change Strategic Thinking and Win Yourself by Nguyen Huu Nguyen


Do You Want To AVOID Becoming One Of The 99 Out Of Every 100 New BUSINESSES That Fail?

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Now you can do it, with Change Strategic Thinking and Win Yourself: A Masterpiece for Starting up Businessmen, a new book aimed specifically at people just like you, who want to succeed in a competitive world.

From 80% to 100% people in the world go in this process. The process of people who are secretively hungry of success, envious, and fond of surpassing others:

GOAL( strategic)=>STRATEGY=>ACTION( just finish, not perfect)

In war, people use anything they have to win enemy. They use SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) to make strategy to win their enemy. If they use SWOT to make strategy, they can not be stronger but they can win their enemy even if they are weaker than their enemy. In economy, people develop what they have to win themselves. People are wrong to use SWOT to make economic strategy. If they use SWOT, they will not be stronger, can not win themselves
What is A Peace Life Strategy? A New Business Paradigm

A father asked his son how much a kilogram of bronze cost and his son replied that it cost thirty-five cents. The father says: everybody knows that a kilogram of bronze costs thirty five cents, but you need to know that a kilogram of a bronze cost thirty five dollars, why don’t you make a kilogram of bronze become a door knob. Twenty years later, the son makes a kilogram of bronze become string, spring (in watch), and Olympic medal. He sells a kilogram of bronze for three thousand five hundred dollar. A kilogram of bronze is thirty five cent. It is cheap. It is imperfection. But the son looked beyond the imperfection. If you sell what you have at hand, you cannot be successful. If you want to be successful, you need to develop what you have at hand and change what you have.

The ideal making a kilogram of bronze become door- knob is strategic ideal. The action making a kilogram of bronze become string, spring, and Olympic medal is strategy.

People need strategic advice, strategic encouragement, and strategic praise and then they go on good strategy.

Modern Small Business Economics:

Why don’t you create strategy instead of getting bogged down to study strategy?

This is process of economic strategy to win ourself. (Progressive process)

ACTION+IDEA (strategic)=>STRATEGY=>GOAL(just accepted, not perfect)

Many new businesses fail because they set goals that are too big to achieve at first. But with time this can change.

Change Strategic Thinking and Win Yourself can change the way you look at your business and find the secrets of success, while eliminating many of the possibilities for failure.

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