2287 A.D. by Renee Van Dyke

Book Cover: 2287 A.D. by Renee Van Dyke

A steamy and romantic love story that transcends time. A true hybrid series, 2287 A.D. combines all the elements of an action-packed fantasy, sci-fi, adventure saga ... yet holds fast to what makes humanity unique, our ability to endure the impossible, for love.
2287 A.D. is a #1 BEST SELLING, AWARD WINNING, Kindle ALL-STAR Novel (TOP 100 of ALL AMAZON BOOKS) for 16 weeks! A 586 page Mega novel.
A note from the author ...
The novels in this series contain adult content. It embraces the expressions of their love--banter, playfulness and moments of intimacy. The sex in the novel is integral to the story and seamlessly woven in. It's the romantic, high-flying fantasy adventure ... I'd always wanted to read, but couldn't find.