Cadet by Lee Ness

Olympian Book 2

Book Cover: Cadet by Lee Ness
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Athens 438 BC
"So the gods have seen fit to give you to me," said Zosimos. "I thought they must be smiling on you after Samos, but it seems they were just playing a cruel trick on you. That fool Pericles might have taken a shine to you, but he can't protect you here. You're mine now."

Alexander has survived the Siege of Samos and been sent to a military academy as a cadet. The battles with the Athenian army are nothing to what he faces in the Academy.
With his life in danger from all sides, Alexander must draw on everything he has learned just to survive, but is survival enough?
It isn't long before the fight back starts, against every cadet, the trainers and the head of the Academy. Let the battle commence..........