Book Cover:

The College Truth: Why College Isn't the Only Gateway to Success by B.M. Smith

Society says college is the best route to get a good job and make good money.

What if they are wrong?

Why is the idea of college drilled into our heads at such a young age? Why do we hear college graduates are struggling to find a job yet we are told we MUST get a degree if we want to be successful? What are the numbers and costs behind getting a degree and how can that help me as I grow as an individual? Can I be an entrepreneur? What else is out there? These questions and many more lead to the creation of this book. I grew sick and tired very quickly of the school system, and society in general, forcing the idea of a college degree on students and creative thinkers with the idea that they NEED it to be successful. It's just not true. College is a very valid method of obtaining knowledge but it does not guarantee success and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a degree that is outdated or useless in today's world does not provide anyone with a good start to a successful life. From everyday jobs to entrepreneurial ventures, "The College Truth" proves there are other options. Let's discover them together.