Book Cover:

Boss Me Please by Amy Brent

There isn't a single part of her that belongs to my world. Still, every single part of me wants her.

Money and image. Those are the two guiding principles of a billionaire's life and the cornerstones of the amazing life I built for myself.

After twenty years working my ass off, I had everything I had ever wanted. The billion-dollar empire, a gorgeous heiress at my beck and call, and every luxury my heart desired. The only problem is that I found something I want more.

Grace Taylor.

Between drunken mistakes, broken promises and a lot of heartbreak, two questions remain. Could I give everything up for love? And, will she accept me if I do?

I guess we're about to find out.

This is a sexy, standalone with HEA and comes with some exclusive bonuses including FILTHY BOSS and STAY WITH ME (available for a limited time only). Exclusive excerpt of Amy's next book - OUTLAW'S BABY inside!