THE NICEMAN by Clarence Benedict Romero

Book Cover: THE NICEMAN by Clarence Benedict Romero

He is a provincial young adult, inspired by the ‘manly’ heroes of his brother’s comic shop. He who has an unwavering ‘childish’ purpose to make the world a better place. He who adjusts in a society where ‘stereotyping’ is the norm. He who fights for the rights of women, but also acknowledges his own sufferings as a man… How far would he fulfill this purpose?
Even if he is suffering with the so-called "nice guy syndrome," can he make the society a better place, despite his personal flaws? Is he an aspiring hero? Or just a delusional narcissistic charlatan? Add the fact that he is a self-proclaimed savior. After all, he is “The Niceman!” “To please… to please… this is his disease…”
In an age where the measure of a person, is his or her popularity; can “The Niceman” change this perception… this stigma?
This fictional book incorporates a blending of Christian faith and Greek mythology, in relation to the psychology of a human person in his society. It is a book that celebrates the importance of uniqueness in every individual.