Masks of Betrayal by Kent Sievers

Book Cover: Masks of Betrayal by Kent Sievers
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Eugene Fellig goes from reluctant hero to suspect overnight.
After tackling, then photographing the arrest of a serial rapist with ties to a secretive group of child abusers, he becomes their target.
Awakened by police after a night of celebrating his incredible front page photo, Eugene is arrested. He soon learns that the woman he left snuggled in bed just hours before has been murdered and marked to look like the work of the rapist he captured.
When evidence of a tie between the mysterious rapist and Eugene is uncovered, he goes on the run. He has no idea that others in the hunt for the abusers are watching over him. To prove his innocence, Eugene will have come to terms with his own dark past and join forces with former enemies in an effort to end the evil that has touched them all.