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So, you want to remain poor? by JB Malatji

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming extremely difficult for those financially illiterate to keep pace with the cost of living. Fear not: this ingenious financial skills guide is just the thing to help sharpen your financial skills and improve your financial status in this ever evolving world of finances.
“So, you want to remain poor?” will help enhance your ability to navigate the maize field of financial challenges and opportunities that often present themselves in the financial world. “So, you want to remain poor?” helps to challenge our mental framework and thought processes regarding money issues and helps to improve basic financial skills necessary to succeed financially in the challenging world of finances.
The highlighted skills build off simple, basic concepts that any reading person can understand and master, helping them to build strong financial foundation, gain confidence in accumulating and managing their finances, and ultimately reach their full financial potential.
Comprehensive yet simple, the invaluable lessons packed into this unique how-to guide will stick in minds for a long time.