Destiny’s Second Chance by Kate Vale

Book Cover: Destiny's Second Chance by Kate Vale

Bella Campbell, at sixteen, is forced to give up her newborn daughter. Twenty-plus years later, that Destiny gets the surprise of her life when her birth mother, now a librarian in Evergreen, Washington, contacts her.

Destiny’s adoptive mother is distrustful and suspects Bella’s motives. But, despite her mother’s misgivings, Destiny accepts Bella’s invitation to visit so that each can get to know each other. While Bella learns the joys of motherhood, Destiny begins working in a local bookstore with Bella’s friend, Henry, whose nephew, Gavin Cambridge, is temporarily overseeing the store. He doesn’t think the struggling bookstore is worth saving and, frankly, is more interested in pursuing Bella. But she has a history of failed love affairs and is especially wary, now that she is rekindling a relationship with Destiny.

Gavin is all about business. Bella is all heart, and not about to give herself away easily—especially to a man whose lifestyle almost guarantees she’ll may have to give up her home, her friends, and her beloved job at the Evergreen Library.

How can Gavin change Bella’s mind in face of Destiny’s questioning of his motives?