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Marvin's Curse by Debra J Edwards

In a freak accident, Marvin loses his dad. One year on, life is no better as he struggles with his bereavement. Cursed by the newly acquired gift of psychic ability, inherited from his dad, Marvin just wants to be 'normal' again... and he wants his dad back - alive.

But knowing he can now see them, the spirits hassle him. He is determined to ignore them all... that is, until Stella, a confused Goth girl, arrives in the graveyard next door.

Supported by his dead dad, Marvin agrees to help Stella, but in doing so, he must engage in a fierce battle to free lost souls in purgatory. But winning against the devil could come at a cost if all saved souls are to cross over.

'This isn't your classic ghost story, this is a story about finding redemption and closing open chapters of your life.'

'Marvin’s Curse is a unique, creative story; I’ve never read anything like it.'