Dark Desire Series Box Set by Lisette Kristensen

Book Cover: Dark Desire Series Box Set by Lisette Kristensen

Four books that take you on a wicked adventure through the steamy world of dark romance. A woman, flawed with insecurities at the hands of a billionaire boy friend that she escaped. She finds herself at a party laced with pure hedonism that sets her on a journey of self-discovery. Unlocking a deviant power within her as she travels the world. Exploring the gritty depths of depravity with the wealthiest men and women of society. It isn't till she is captured by a brutal man she once thought gone from her life, that romance swirls around her. A dark war of lust erupts as Jocelyn fights to overcome one man's evilness to trust another man's love. Can she survive or fall into the treacherous abyss of her own darkness?