Devil In The Grass by Christopher Bowron

Book Cover: Devil In The Grass by Christopher Bowron

"Devil in the Grass is an intense thriller filled with riveting suspense and chilling characters which quickly capture and a hold a readers attention from beginning to end."  - Stacie - Beach Bound Book Reviews.

Jackson "Jack" Walker, is an ex-NFL player who, after a disgraceful fall from glory, is set on turning his life around. After landing a job with a prominent Republican Senator, Jack thinks he's done just that however things aren't always what they seem. Shortly after meeting Sarah, Jack's life begins to spiral out of control. He tries to overlook her membership with The Brotherhood of the Set, but soon feels himself getting pulled into the satanic cult. Just when Jack decides enough is enough he wakes up in a pool of blood. It doesn't take a genius to realize he's been played, but for the life of him he doesn't have a clue why. Until he can sort things out Jack must lay low and rely on his family and their strong Seminole roots to clear his name. But, those loyal to The Brotherhood of the Set don't give up that easily and Jack finds himself in the fight of his life. ​I found Devil in the Grass to be anabsolutely gripping novel. The complex characters are well-developed and credible, aiding in bringing the shocking plot to life. The author artfully spins this sinister tale through his appealing writing style and rich detail making Devil in the Grass a story worth reading.

I highly recommend pre-ordering a copy. ( 5 Stars )
Stacie Theis - Beach Bound Book Reviews