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In between... life by Luiz Valerio de Paula Trindade

"In between…life" takes you on a life‑affirming journey that evokes sensations and emotions with every line in every single one of his well‑crafted poems. Unlike other poetry, you don’t have to navigate your emotions alone. Through every piece, you are comforted and soothed with friendship.

This poetry is unique in its ability to form connections with every reader as if you were sharing the moment with a friend. The relatable topics of love, traveling and surprises make it easy to connect with and compels you to read on, as the experience and sensations move you.
The rawness and reality of the poetry give the reader the space to reflect without losing sight or a sense of belonging. Whether you are weathering the storm or celebrating an incredible life achievement, these selected poems will inspire and ignite your senses. Reaffirming beliefs and allowing you to be brave in a world of new discoveries.

With "In between…life", you have something that is there for you, much like a friend, wherever life takes you.