Book Cover:

Professor Love by Nikky Kaye

What if Mr. Right only wants to be Mr. Right Now?

Budding romance author Sophy Hadden has writer’s block. Actually, it’s more like a concrete bunker. Despite her innocent faith in true love, she can’t get a grasp on her current hero… until he knocks on her front door.

Max Wright is a psychology professor getting nowhere on his study of the romance genre and women’s expectations of relationships. Maybe it’s because he dismisses those books as just pornographic propaganda. But for the sake of research (and his new faculty position), he asks Sophy for guidance. What he didn’t expect was for this smut peddler to be young, sexy, and just as interested in studying him.

From cosplay to crashing weddings, Sophy tries to teach Max about romance. Soon the lines between fantasy and reality blur, and what began as research builds into real attraction. Can she convince this disappointed cynic that love really exists? Or will Max’s secrets lure her into a life of lust?

Professor Love is a sweet and spicy standalone novel, an old-fashioned screwball romantic comedy in the vein of Jennifer Crusie and Janet Evanovich. It contains a moderate level of sensuality, and no adult language. It is rated PG for Pretty Goofy in places.