Boko Haram Bride: My Time in a Terrorist Hell by Mary Martha Davis

Book Cover: Boko Haram Bride: My Time in a Terrorist Hell by Mary Martha Davis

Despite numerous terrifying news reports coming out of Nigeria about the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram--widely known for the kidnapping of several hundred schoolgirls--Bible college graduate Mary Martha Davis has chosen a refugee camp in the middle of the Nigerian desert for her first missionary assignment.  Mary is convinced that her life is in God’s hands,  so she has nothing to fear, even from a group that specializes in kidnapping, murder and rape.
Mary’s faith begins to be tested soon after her arrival in Nigeria, however, when her living quarters turn out to be a tattered canvas tent that has no electricity, no running water and no bathroom facilities.  Without electricity to recharge their batteries, her laptop and smart phone are also useless.  And despite an average daytime temperature of over one-hundred-and-five degrees, there are no fans and no air conditioners.
Determined to soldier on, Mary welcomes the opportunity to live as the refugees live.  This, she believes, is part of God’s plan for her life, and will also help her better understand the daily challenges the refugees have to face.  Challenges turn into horrors, however, when the camp is overrun by Boko Haram terrorists. Mary is kidnapped and immediately plunged into the brutal and incomprehensible world of one of the deadliest terrorist organizations in Africa.  She is also shocked to find out this particular arm of Boko Haram is actually led by a radicalized American who calls himself Ugo.
She soon learns that Ugo is as committed to his God as Mary is to hers.  But any hope that this fellow American will treat her with compassion is quickly destroyed.  In the Boko Haram world, humiliations, beatings, and rapes are not crimes, they are daily occurrences for any woman--occurrences that have the blessing and approval of Ugo’s god, Allah.
At first, Mary tries to maintain her faith in her own God despite the cruelties and the injustices that envelop her.  But as the horrors build and her countless prayers go unanswered, her faith begins to crumble.  She even begins to question the very existence of her God: the God she has trusted and believed in all her life.
An air attack on the terrorist camp finally appears to free Mary from her painful and faith-shattering ordeal.  But her relief is short-lived when she finds herself lost in a trackless desert with no food and very little water.  Seemingly abandoned by her own God, Mary now has only herself and her own inner strength to overcome one more deadly challenge.