London 1963 & Other Stories by Stephen Winter

Book Cover: London 1963 & Other Stories by Stephen Winter

Stories set along the outskirts of reality . . . In the story 'Where is Everybody?', a waitress spoofs a krazy-kat quantum metaphor thus enticing a young physicist to join her for some gallery hopping. In 'The Mystery of Haven' we follow an artist choosing to cool-out there during a brief unstable time for the town and then finds herself unwilling to leave.

Or could be a time-tripping girl on holiday in 1963 London trying to control her impulses, or a self-described high school misfit taken under the wing of a Chimera, or someone who believes 'The MODO' his path into the heart of his inamorata . . . and while the circumstances in them all may appear strange, at times bizarre, the stories' revealing lens is adjusted realism.