369 by David Swan

A tale about grief, illness, faith and redemption

369 by David Swan

Emily is a young girl unable to cope with her father's passing. In order to escape from the pain she and her friends embark on a summer project to build a star-vehicle based loosely around outlandish spiritual theories found by her geek friend Alan.

As well as Emily's adventure into the supposed magical world there is also Michael's tale of redemption and seeking peace through meditation which mirrors, his, and his daughter's parallel spiritual journeys.

Alan was sent in to keep an eye on Emily and ensure she was coping well with the grief. A sort of secret-counsellor. Along with her best friend Tabitha they while away the summer building the contraption while Emily tries to keep at bay increasing hallucinations that started in her dreams and were now spilling out into her day.

After her father passed away she started to dream of a white puma called Boo. A sort of guardian Angel that tried to show her a different way of seeing the universe and cope with grief but it wasn't working. When she starts to see Boo during the day she starts to panic and her friends become concerned. Is she having a spiritual awakening? or is it the onset of a psychosis brought on due to the grief?

Luckily for Emily her Mother keeps a watchful eye over her and follows her outside on the night she attempts to take her life. With the help of a doctor and her friends she gets the help she needs to get her life back together again.

369 is a tale about grief and the different coping mechanisms we deploy to deal with it. Interwoven through-out the story is each character's tale told about how they coped with Michael's passing.