Sin City Baby by Rye Hart

A Reverse Harem Accidental Marriage Romance

Accidental Marriage Romance by Rye Hart

It's the Vegas weekend before my best friend's wedding - and all four Anderson brothers want me all to themselves.

Strong.  Sexy.  Savage.
The Anderson boys were my friends.

We grew up next-door to each other.
Twister games at night.
Skin to skin contact.
With them, I always enjoyed being in the middle.
But, we never crossed the line.

Because they were my best friend's brothers.
And, I was the younger forbidden girl next door.

We all reunite in Vegas.
And something is different.
Maybe it's the way their eyes examine my body.
And linger at my every curve.
How can all four millionaire brothers want me?

One night, we play a naughty game of Strip poker.
Four wild men. One very lucky girl.
Then, I wake up with a killer hangover - and a massive rock on my finger.
It's way too much to handle so I get the h*ll out of town.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - but my baby bump is coming with me.

70,000+ words in this full-length best friend's brothers reverse harem romance. Bonus content included after the main story, including an exclusive 60,000+word reverse harem: A Night with the Walker Brothers. Grab your copy today.