Acre’s Bastard by Wayne Turmel

Acre's bastard
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The Holy Land, 1187

Salah-adin is poised to conquer the Kingdom of Jerusalem. For 10-year old Lucca “the Louse”, it’s life as normal. The streets of Acre—the wickedest city in the world—are his playground. But when a violent act of betrayal leaves him homeless and alone, he’s drawn into a terrifying web of violence, espionage, and holy war.

The murder of a local clerk sends Lucca and the mysterious Brother Marco into a race against time to stop the Kingdom from tearing itself apart and becoming easy prey for their enemies. Can one lone boy save the Crusader Kingdom from disaster at the Horns of Hattin?

This exciting, sometimes wry tale, takes an adult look at the Crusades through the eyes of its most innocent victims—the children.

If you're a fan of historical adventures like Kipling's "Kim" you'll enjoy the adventures of Lucca.
Wayne Turmel is the author of the best-selling The Count of the Sahara. He's also the author of 8 non-fiction titles.