Big Daddy by Rye Hart

Book Cover: Big Daddy by Rye Hart

Contemporary women's fiction with action, adventure and romance

Just like the mountains...
Chance is big. Rugged. And cold.
And when the sexy daddy looks at me...
I can't help but feel like Little Red Riding Hood...
About to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

The women of this small town can't stop gossiping.
So we'd better give them something real to talk about.
I took a leap of faith, when I became a tutor for Chance's little girl.
But the skeletons in my closet wouldn't stay locked away for long.
If I stick around, I'll put everyone's lives in danger.
If I leave, I'll lose my one chance at happiness.

A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today.
All I gave a damn about was my little girl.
That was until I met Dream.
The moment I saw her, she woke up the beast inside.
I knew I had to have her. Taste her. Own her.
And then there's the way she lights up my little girl.
She doesn't know the power she has over me.

But, a man with a death wish wants to harm her.
He has no clue who the f*ck he's messing with...
I'll protect Dream and our miracle that's growing inside her.