Added Sugars -The Slow Poison by Srividya Bhaskara

Added sugars

•Worried about your increasing Waistline and Excess belly fat?


•Are you suffering from Obesity, Metabolic disorders like Insulin resistance, TYPE-2 Diabetes?


•Do you want to look TEN YEARS YOUNGER than your actual age?


•Do you have Excessive Cravings & addiction for Sugary sodas, Diet cokes, Fizzy drinks,Energy drinks&Chocolates ?


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ADDED SUGARS -THE SLOW POISON will help You shed off unhealthy weight, large waistline just by giving you a simple knowledge about the vicious relationship between added sugars, High insulin secretion and Fat storage.


Just eliminate all the Refined carbohydrates, Sugary processed foods from your regular diet and you will see a remarkable difference in your weight, fitness, and overall health&wellness. Your body's metabolism will speed up and you will experience a fantastic change in your energy levels too!


Hurry ! Replace all the unhealthy refined sugars with these **14 NATURAL SWEETENERS ** and you will experience a wonderful change in your energy, sleep, weight,health&fitness. Your skin will glow with true, inner beauty. You will look at least ten years younger than your age !


ADDED SUGARS -THE SLOW POISON is a short, interesting, very informative book which will give you clear and good insights into how added sugars have silently crept into your regular diet and are **SLOWLY POISONING** your health and life.


•Did you know that Insulin resistance is the main cause of Cardiovascular diseases?


•Did you know that excessive sugar is the real culprit for Heart attacks?

Yes! This book broadly highlights Insulin resistance , the root cause of many chronic health disorders. Unlike the most popular conception that dietary fat causes cardiovascular diseases, you will learn that too much Sugar/ Added sugar is one of the major causes for all Major Cardiac & Metabolic disorders.




•All Sugars are not Bad. Sugar is a carbohydrate and not all carbohydrates are harmful. Come let us embrace GOOD QUALITY NATURAL CARBOHYDRATES/SUGARS like Root vegetables, fruits with fiber, vitamins, Minerals, Resistant starch, Antioxidants.


• How too much of Refined sugar/Added sugars act as silent killers and damage your internal organs slowly yet permanently.
Insulin resistance • High cholesterol •Strokes • Obesity • Acne • Eczema • Alzheimer's• Chronic fatigue • Cardiac problems •Atherosclerosis •Inflammation, Allergies • Breast cancers• Pancreatic cancers• Type-2 diabetes.


• A-List of **60 different names of Added sugars** which are cleverly included in almost all processed foods ( Agave nectar and HFCS). Just eliminate these harmful sugars from your shopping cart &kitchen and lead a healthy & happy life.


•Gain all the knowledge about Added sugars like Sucrose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fructose, Agave syrup, Maltodextrin, liquid sugars which are very toxic to your liver and cause Metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, Type-2 diabetes.


• How artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose, Splenda, despite being marketed as low -calories strongly affect your Dopamine levels, Nervous system, Gut microbiome, Brain and body metabolism.


** 14 NATURAL SUGARS ** which are incredible, safe, and can be used alternatively to satisfy your sweet buds with no toxic side effects to your body. You can easily prepare HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, NATURAL SUGAR RECIPES & DESSERTS for your family.