The Adventures of Dan and Tina by Dan McGrath

The adventures of Dan and tina

The narcissistic relationship is laid bare in this stunning, true page-turner.

Intelligent and good-natured men and women alike can be seduced by narcissists, borderlines, histrionics and sociopaths. The results are often tragically similar. This is especially true when codependents mix with cluster B disordered people, like in the case of Dan and Tina.

People subjected to narcissistic abuse commonly experience depression, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt and shame among other difficult psychological and physical problems. Even after terrible mistreatment, victims may still feel an incredibly strong connection to their abuser. It’s a phenomenon called a trauma bond that's like an addiction but can be even harder to kick than heroin. For Dan, that led to a destructive on-again-off again relationship that withered everything it touched.

In the Adventures of Dan and Tina, insights and answers are woven through a riveting true story of love, infidelity, betrayal, secrecy, gaslighting, crazy-making and ultimately escape and the road to recovery. It's a rare, personal look at what a romantic relationship with a cluster B personality disordered person is really like, from love-bombing beginning to the shattered end. Sometimes tragic and bizarre, it’s also enlightening and affirming.

The secrets, mysteries and mazes enveloping a narcissistic relationship are actually incredibly simple once you finally see it as it is.

Gripping and informative, The Adventures of Dan and Tina will take you on a surprising journey through surviving and recovering from narcissistic abuse.