The Adventures of Jumping Jonny by Jon Melby

The adventures of jumping jonny by Jon Melby

What do you do when something you love becomes scary to you?

Learning to manage fear can be difficult for both adults and children. In The
Adventures of Jumping Jonny, Jon Melby tells the story of a little boy who loves
the idea of flying until he starts being scared of what can happen if it goes
out of control. With the help of his dad, Jonny learns more about flying and
airplanes. Armed with knowledge and a new sense of courage, he takes his first
airplane ride with veteran pilot and neighbor, Mr. Wilson.

In this book, you will learn:
• Dreams are good
• Research helps dreams come true
• Having a mentor can help you achieve your dreams
• Trying something new is the first step
• Fear is something you can manage and conquer!

Read the adventure of Jonny as he conquers his fear of flying!