An Air Of Deceit by Kristen King

An Air of Deceit by Kristen King
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A cozy mountain town with elemental magic that goes back generations. A hereditary witch strengthening the powers within her since childhood. A magical family and a newfound cat familiar to stand by her as she builds a close knit coven of her own, solves the suspicious nature of her grandmother’s death, and steps up to become the foremost elemental witch of the mountain region.

Autumn assumed she would lead a normal life as an earth and air witch. Running a paper shop with her cousin, Simone, on Main Street, they handed out the perfect messages and comforting items that each of their customers needed.

That is, until the stormy fall equinox brings the foreshadowing dream of a handsome stranger, leading Autumn to find her Gran suddenly dead. As she pieces together Gran’s untimely death, Autumn realizes the deeper magical responsibilities her family holds in the mountain region and their importance in holding the elemental energies in balance.

She and Simone must hone their enhancing magical gifts while finding the person responsible for Gran’s death and discovering their true calling in Hollow’s Glenn. Will Autumn have the strength to solve Gran’s magical murder and take on the role as the new four points witch, harnessing all the elements once again?

An Air Of Deceit is the first book in the Hollow’s Glenn Coven Mystery series. Immerse yourself in the earth, air, fire, and water energies of the families in Hollow’s Glenn and find out how a bit of mountain magic can keep everyone in balance.