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The idea of vacation has changed considerably since 2020 – it’s not always about riding horses in the paddy fields of Mongolia, or basking in the glory of the Northern Lights of Finland.

More and more people now look forward to spending quality time with their families above all else… and the idea of feasting on lavish meals on the waterfront or soaking up the sunlight on open terraces has never been more popular.

Airbnb is the opportunist’s goldmine.

And if you want to earn a steady income by creating a sustainable business (without exhausting your rainy day fund), it’s a goldmine you definitely want to tap into.

In AIRBNB Business Charted, you’ll discover:

  • The 7-step guide to starting your own short-term rental business through Airbnb – connect with millions of potential guests worldwide!
  • A clear and simple walkthrough of how to start and operate your own rental business – from setting up your business to undertaking market research like a pro, we got you covered in every step along the way!
  • An extensive discussion of the multiple business models available to you that will maximize your ROI and fit within your investment objectives
  • A rundown of 5+ property financing options – including the pros and cons of each
  • An inventory of user-friendly tools for finding the best properties in ideal locations
  • Solid and practical ideas for creating an inspirational living space on a budget (from aesthetics to amenities, there are eye-catching ideas for everything)

And so much more!

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