Aladdin and the Bad Owl by Elia Tavernese

Aladdin and the bad owl by Elia Tavernese

In "Aladdin and the Bad Owl," get ready for a whirlwind adventure alongside Aladdin and his trusty friend Jiinn! As they race against time to foil the wicked plans of the mischievous owl and the villainous wizard Jafar, you'll be swept away by thrilling encounters with monstrous creatures and daring escapes. But it's not just about action and magic; this story is also a heartwarming tale of friendship and bravery.

And guess what? At the end of the book, you'll discover something special waiting for you - beautiful pictures just waiting to be filled with colour! So, grab your crayons and get ready to bring the magic of "Aladdin and the Bad Owl" to life in vibrant hues. Don't miss out on the fun embark on this enchanting journey today!