All About The Treats by Weston Parker

All about the Treats

I’m known for my treats.

A billionaire bachelor with a world-wide candy company.

And I’m good being single. Life is too short to fall in love.

Until her. A curvy, brilliant, out-of-the-box single mom who’s changing the world one Halloween at a time.

Her Halloweenfest event is stealing the world stage each October.

And I’m impressed with far more than her business skills.

For the first time in my life, I want more. All of her. Everything she’s got to offer.

I’m just hesitant on being a dad. Mine was terrible, and it wrecked me as a kid.

The only thing to wreck me more?

Her not telling me right away that she’s pregnant… with our kid.

Every Good Girl Deserves a Bad Boy. ~ Weston