Along the Darksome Road by J. J. Maxwell

Along the Darksome Road by J.J. Maxwell
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The true story of a family's unintended discovery of a young woman's murder from decades ago

Even with its cover faded and torn, Stephanie felt like she just had to buy that century old childrens book, because penciled inside the front cover is the name and address of the young girl who had owned it so long ago.

When she gets home, she randomly types the girl's name into the search bar of her tablet to see if there's any information about her on the net, but each click on the search results leads Stephanie and her family ever deeper into the details of the brutal murder of a young American college student in a beautiful Swiss valley far from home.

This is the stunning account of how the innocent purchase of an antique book led a family to unearth headlines about a crime that captured the public's imagination on both sides of the Atlantic during the autumn of 1932, the exemplary investigation and pursuit of the killer by the Swiss Police, and the crucial support given to the victim's younger sister by the staff of the American Embassy and the people of the Swiss valley.