Ariadne by Daniel Agnew

Ariadne by Daniel Agnew
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Until the skies grew dark and red and the ground shook and cracked, Ariadne’s biggest problems were how to stay one step ahead of her parents and out-think any boys who might come her way. Now she’s part of a desperate plan to bring the world back to balance and save Crete from destruction.

Shame for the world Ariadne had other plans.

Hardened by her trials and forced to leave behind those she cares for, Ariadne struggles on to survive in new lands with new friends. But these lands are just as unforgiving as the one she left, and just as haunted by ghosts from her past…

Ariadne is a novel about a young woman’s journey to find out who she is in a chaotic world full of betrayal and heartache. It is a novel about three turbulent lands at the height of the Bronze Age and the death and suffering they endured. It is a novel inspired by history rather than myth, in a period few know what really happened. It is a novel about the past, yet a past so resonant with our present and future. It is a novel for those who love to ponder the tragic nature of war, and for those who long to see the world made right. It is a novel set to challenge historians and to entertain those who just love a good story. It is a novel about the lives of many people and yet ultimately one, Ariadne.