Attack Your Expenses by Scott McDowell

Attack your expenses

"This book can help your wallet fight weight loss..."

Why do all the top personal finance books have the attitude of going on the defensive?

Why do they tell you to conserve, do nothing, take less action?

How can you tell someone that has no money left after expenses, to just save?

How can they tell someone with a small amount of savings to put money into the stock market for a 6% return each year?

These ideas will keep you where you are, with almost no chance of leaving the lower or middle classes.

You have to go on the offensive to make any real change in your financial world.

You have to fight against the ideas of the status quo and find creative ways to drive down, what seem to be fixed costs, while finding ways to increase your income.

That is what we are going to do throughout this book.

Are there people who have found ways to pay very little or no rent? You bet there is.

Are there people who pay a fraction for everyday expenses like groceries? Yes, a lot of them.

Are there people that pay next to nothing for higher education, without getting a scholarship? You can count on it.

Can you turn your house, garden or any space you have into an income generating machine? Thousands have.

The major expenses you have are shared by millions of other people, and some people have found ways to make everyday living easily affordable.

Whether its housing, food, travel, college, children, business, pets or any other expense, someone has figured out the puzzle.

And we are going to show you the in-genius ideas people use all over the world to save on their fixed and variable expenses.

"Will I Be Able To Understand And Practice These Ideas?"


This book contains practical and straightforward advice to help you use your time and money effectively.

Even if you have zero knowledge about finance, you can follow the ideas inside this book!