Balance Exercises for Seniors by Baz Thompson

Balance exercises for seniors

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in seniors — Protect yourself or your elderly loved ones!

The CDC has estimated that a whopping 36 million senior citizens suffer from fall injuries each year — with 32,000 cases proving fatal.

Injuries caused by falling over can significantly limit an elderly person’s independence and prematurely set them up for long-term assisted care.

If you (or anyone you know) suffer from age-related decrease in proper balance, something must be done TODAY!

With “Balance Exercises for Seniors: Easy to Perform Fall Prevention Workouts to Improve Stability and Posture” by senior health expert Baz Thompson, you can get all the tips, tools, and techniques that will help you or your loved ones avoid these unfortunate falls altogether.

In this insightful and practical guide, you will:

    • Learn all about balance-strengthening exercises, from misconceptions to advantages
    • Deep dive into all the fall risk factors so that you can avoid them before they cause issues
    • Test your balance eon a regular basis and adopt 4 crucial ways that you can prevent falls
    • Get into the targeted balance-strengthening exercises, including seated, standing, and walking
    • Explore all the crucial fall risk factors so you can efficiently avoid them from the get-go
    • Make the most out of this comprehensive guide using step-by-step instructions
    • Strengthen your core and ensure that your body has enough support and proper posture
  • Improve your balance using expert-approved practices that reduce dizziness-related issues

And so much more!

What sets “Balance Exercises for Seniors” apart is that not only does it provide practical, straightforward information, it also offers clear illustrations on the HOWs of boosting balance in order to stay safe, healthy, and mobile!