Bank On It! by Tim Rooney

A Guide to Mutual Bank Conversions

Book Cover: Bank On It! by Tim Rooney

Investing in mutual bank conversions

I have been a financial adviser for more than thirty years. I have seen many investment strategies used to provide above-average returns. I have had clients invest in speculative investments such as options and commodities. Others have used margin and leverage to enhance their returns. I have seen clients buy small cap, large cap, and value stocks in an attempt to achieve higher returns. Still others have invested in gold and silver, penny stocks, private placements, and hedge funds in an attempt to outperform other investors. I never thought a deposit I made in my local savings bank would lead to an investment strategy that would enable me to become a multimillionaire. This book will describe in detail my investment thesis, which I believe is one of the best opportunities available today. I will describe how my career began and has evolved over the past thirty years, and how I found the idea of investing in mutual bank conversions. I will explain how these conversions work and how to participate in them. I will also give advice on the many investments I have seen as a financial adviser for over three decades. I am writing this book in honor of my children, so they can also think outside the box in whatever endeavors they may choose.