Bardo of the Unquiet Mind by B. Michael Stevens

Bardo of the Unquiet Mind A Dark Collection by B. Michael Stevens
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Thirteen chilling tales of madness and horror.

From the frozen waters of Alaska, to the jungles of Africa. From cities familiar to the ruins of the future. Bardo of the Unquiet Mind explores the dark side of the human mind as well as cosmic forces of alien unspeakables. Worshipping at the altars of H.P Lovecraft, Durleth, Barker, and Spielberg simultaneously.

A fisherman who lost his wife must face the supernatural truth his mind cannot grasp in order to find peace. A miserable suburban man prays for the destruction of the world, and awakens things that should not be. A band of Viking warriors go to the edge of the world and dare to walk where only nameless gods tread. A circle of internet friends explore a mysterious viral video and discover something best left alone. A middle aged woman explores her past, and discovers the Great Race of Yith. Hastur, the King in Yellow grants the hedonistic wishes of an American expat in rural Africa.

These stories and more await you, if you dare to walk on the dark side. Walk in the Bardo.