Bared Secret: A Romantic Comedy by C. K. Wiles

Bared Secret (Curtain Call Book 3): A Romantic Comedy by C. K. Wiles
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Flirty Discovery--Seductive Fun

Life is never dull for Kristin at the Plaisir De Rouge. She fills her time with accounting formulas, crazy friends and a perpetually shirtless boyfriend, hot enough to melt chocolate with his smile. Now, secrets have been unearthed in the depths of the theater’s basement revealing crime, passion and a few fainthearted friends. To top it off, her boyfriend, Devon has dropped a grenade on their relationship that has her questioning more emotions than a Lifetime Movie.

Add to that a bit of drama with tumbling twins, a stale detective who seems more interested in Kristin than solving a century old mystery and the matriarchal theater owner Maddi being … well Maddi, and it’s enough to drive a girl to drink. Maybe a stiff one is just what Kristin needs to settle her ping-ponging emotions over her relationship with Devon and begin a whole new chapter at the Plaisir De Rouge.

Kristin, once again steps into the spotlight in this third book of the Curtain Call romantic comedy series. Bared Secret promises all the humor and heat found in Showtime Rendezvous and Stage Bound, plus a secret discovery that adds a dusty layer of mystery and intrigue.