Based on Lies – The Whole Story by D. Kanjilal

Based on lies
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Anurag Sanyal is a highly disturbed man. At least, that's what his diary tells us - vivid accounts of heinous crimes. Is it the truth? Or is it what Anurag wants us to believe?

Who is Anurag Sanyal?

A psychopath.
An infidel.
A child abuser.
A murderer.
A lover.
An insomniac.
A disturbed man.
A victim of his own mind.

Each one of these phrases can aptly describe Anurag. How do we know? Because he confessed it all to his diary.

Every crime is painstakingly accounted for. Anurag describes every malfeasance in vivid, nauseating detail. And each account is more surreal, more messed up than the last.

There is only one problem - everything he narrates is based on lies.

And thus, we begin the eternal search for the truth.

Anurag's story will make you reel. It's a thriller like no other.

Order your copy NOW, but be ready to read it in one sitting!