A Girl and Her Cat by Denis Schulz

Book Cover: A Girl and Her Cat by Denis Schulz

A Girl and Her Cat by Denis Schulz

She was Asma bint Marwan. She had been murdered by Umyar ben Uday on orders from the Prophet in 642 A.D. for speaking out against Islam. But she had not died; the spirits of the ancient Greeks had carted her off to the Netherworld from where she had continued her desperate struggle against the forces of evil. And now she was back on Earth in the body of a ten-year-old girl and her old enemies were gathering against her. The Necromancer, a teenage genius who could bring the dead back to life and Imam ali-Kazam, a failed sorcerer, were planning on establishing a Caliphate in the swamps of the Louisiana Delta. They would be aided by the likes of John Wilks Booth and Leon Czolgosz, by Emma Goldman, by ISIS terrorists and Klansmen resurrected from the dead and they wanted little Asma. They would convert her to Islam and then do away with her and the only thing that could save her from her fate—aside from her overaged boyfriend; private detective Bernard Piffy—was a cat named Ingrate who was as every bit as ferocious as he was cantankerous and lovable.  It would be a struggle to the death in the swamps and the bayous of the Louisiana Delta between the forces if good and evil.