Bedtime Stories by Kate Harmon

Little bunny and the magic lantern

For the name of real magic, you have to know the rules:

Hold the Lantern. Close your eyes. And make a wish.

That is how it works for the magical village and its fluffy mysterious hero of the bunny stories – a creature from the Moon.

When it is hard to put your child to sleep, show him this relaxing good night book with a sweet story about magic pets, cherished dreams, and real wonders. Beautiful illustrations full of color will fly you to the sky and open the secret world among the shining stars.

Following the white rabbit with his simple rules of living in outer space, you and your kid will definitely want to fall asleep as soon as possible to see the sweetest dreams tonight.

Get comfortable and prepare yourself for a marvelous journey to the mysterious world of the first book from the Bedtime Short Stories series that is full of moon carrots and shining dust. And always keep an eye on the night sky: who knows, maybe tonight is the best night to see the falling star? It is never too late to believe in magic.